Ashok Jeevan
Apr 30, 2018
6:33 am


I created two License keys, one for Enterprise License Key (Development) and the other for Enterprise License Key (Production). There is no expiration date for the Production key, but for Dev key, its expiration date is Sep 6, 2018 (under the KNOX SDK Keys tab).

There were some activations done in the past month with same DEV key in order to test the app. Recently, while trying out the same app in another Samsung SM-T377W Android version 7.1.1, the license is not getting validated, showing Error Code 102 - ERROR_UNKNOWN. I tried building the app from another machine but the license activation gets failed.

Is there any limitation for DEV key licensing as mentioned in this link: 
If so, is there a way to find how many devices we have activated? If there is no limitation, how can we find out what’s wrong with the activation?

PS: We are using EnterpriseLicenseManager.activate(<key>) in the code for activating the license. And the libs involved are edm.jar and license.jar
Device Info : Samsung Tab E (SM-T377W)
Software Info from Settings : 7.1.1, Knox version 2.8, Standar SDK 5.8.0

Thank you

Jenna Slomowitz
Selected Answer
Apr 30, 2018
10:44 pm

Hi Ashok,

Standard ELM keys do have a device activation limit of 10 activations per key. You can free up spots on the license by using the deactivation method or by uninstalling the application. 




Thank you Jenna, for the repsonse.

Just to confirm, you are saying that with Standard ELM keys, for Development, we have the limitation of 10 activations per key. Where as, Standard ELM key for Production, do not have any activiation limits. 

Ashok JeevanMay 03, 2018 at 5:06 pm
Jenna Slomowitz
May 07, 2018
11:54 pm

That is correct.



Thank you Jenna.

Ashok JeevanMay 15, 2018 at 4:22 pm
Greg Barrett
May 02, 2019
9:38 pm

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