yosi cohen
Jun 25, 2017
8:25 am



Tere seems to be an issue with activating our ELM license. I am using the sample app and we have tried 3 different ELM licenses but we always receive error 102 in response. Are there any known issues with ELM license activations going on? In a previous post  this was solved by using a new elm key provided by you.


Samsung galaxy prime + (SM-G532F)

Android: 6.0.1

Knox details from settings:

Knox 2.7

Standard SDK 5.7.0

Premium SDK 2.7.0

Customization SDK 2.7.0

Container 2.7.0

CEP 2.1.0

Enterprise Billing 1.2.0

SE for Android 2.4.3

SSO 2.5.0

Shared Devices 2.6.0

TIMA 3.3.005

VPN 2.3.0



Samuel Veloso
Jun 29, 2017
5:57 pm

Hi Yosi,

My apologies for the delay in response, I was out of office last week and have been catching up on work. 

There have been several reports of receiving error codes102 and 201 upon ELM activation. I have compiled details about it and am going to escalate it to our R&D team. 

I'll make sure to update everyone experiencing this issue when anything comes up in the investigation.

Best regards,


M Warraich
Jul 11, 2017
4:04 pm

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Samuel Veloso
Jul 17, 2017
4:57 pm

Hi Yosi,

Thank you for your patience with this issue. 

I have an update. Our ELM license team has informed me of a new rule - that any app package name can only activate a maximum of 5 licenses. On the 6th license activation, it will return an error code of 301 on Android 6 and 102 on Android 7. 

I cannot verify if this is the reason why all licenses are receiving this error but it might be worth it to try creating a new project (with a new app package name) and activating your licenses there. 

Please let me know if it helps or still returns the errors. 

Best regards,