Tiến Bùi Đức
Apr 17, 2017
3:43 am

Knox with Auto factory reset ?

I am using knox to disable factory reset, but when using pin security for unlock phone and i open this fuction

Setting -> Lock screen and Security -> Secure lock settting -> Enable Auto factory reset.

I can reset phone after 15 time fail input pin. Please tell me how to fix this problem.

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Samuel Veloso
Apr 19, 2017
11:34 pm

Hi Tien,

This is intended behavior as the API was only meant to disable factory reset through settings, adb command and recovery mode. For other ways, such as through failing the PIN/Password 15 times, it does not affect it. 

My recommendation is to set the settings you need to set either manually or through our APIs, and then to use RestrictionPolicy.allowSettingsChanges() to disable the user from enabling the device to go into factory reset after 15 failed password attempts. 

Best regards,