Jason Ver Linden
May 30, 2018
10:11 pm

Knox 3.0 Requirements

Hi there, what are the requirements for using the Knox SDK 3.0 in terms of Android versions and devices? Could I for instance develop an app using Knox SDK 3.0 for use on a Galaxy S7 (Android 7) that has Knox 2.7 installed? Would there be any gotchas to this?



Jenna Slomowitz
Jun 01, 2018
8:21 pm

Hi Jason

You can use the Knox SDK 3.0 on older devices but make sure to include the supportlib.jar file. This declares the new namespace API methods, and translates them to the old namespaces if a device is running an older Knox version that doesn’t support the new namespace.

Hope that helps,


Jason Ver Linden
Jun 04, 2018
4:14 pm