Ronnie Lindsay
Jan 11, 2019
7:34 pm

Knox 3.0 Container - Is SDP automatically enabled, and is there a password reset ?

Knox 2.0 used to have an API that let you create a container, and assign a params structure to it with a password reset token. To my knowledge, this was an explicit method of allowing the developer to enable SDP, and the password reset token could be used if the user forgot the workspace unlock token. Now with Knox 3.0, the container creation flow is very different. Users upgrade their work profile to workspaces...

My question is, once the profile upgrade is done (assuming a password is set for the workspace), is SDP (sensitive data protection) automatically enabled for the email and chamber entities in the workspace (and/or perhaps other entities there)? Is there a password reset token mechanism if the user forgets his unlock token (PIN or password)?



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