Robert Craig
Jul 07, 2018
4:42 pm

Kiosk Mode while using shared user id.

I've been successful in receiving the ACTION_ENABLE_KIOSK_MODE_RESULT broadcast when I attempt to enable kiosk mode via the *enableKioskMode("")* api. However, when I declare a shared user id for my app I seem to no longer receiver the broadcast even though all the other code remains unchanged. Is there something I'm missing to receiving the broadcast when using a shared user id with my app?

Device: Galaxy S8+

Knox Version 3.0

Knox API level 24


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Robert Craig
Jul 17, 2018
7:22 pm

To follow up on this, I went ahead and downloaded the sample Kiosk app provided by Samsung at  and was successfully able to enable kiosk mode. There was also a clear indication that the ACTION_ENABLE_KIOSK_MODE_RESULT broadcast was received because the subsequent toast message was displayed that showed kiosk mode was succcessfully enabled ("Activated Kiosk Mode successfully").

When I add android:sharedUserId="blah.blah" to the app's manifest I no longer receive the broadcast as well as no longer see a toast message being displayed. Oddly enough, Kiosk mode is definetly being enabled because my launcher (home) app has changed. 

What is the recommended path forward with this? I have a deployment scenario where I need to use sharedUserId as well as kiosk mode. Is this a bug or am I missing something obvious?