northbridgesecure device
Jun 07, 2018
5:49 am

java.lang.SecurityException: Admin does not have

I'm trying to set a new logo for Dex. I get this exception 

java.lang.SecurityException: Admin  does not have

I'm trying to use the same example as in

This example gives an option to change logo. But the permission was missing, i have added it in the manifest file. 

But still error occurs. License activation was successful. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Jenna Slomowitz
Jun 07, 2018
6:24 pm


Are you using a KLM key or an SKL key? Are you getting the same error when using the sample app?

Kind regards,


northbridgesecure device
Jun 08, 2018
5:10 am


I'm using the SKL key. Yes the error is in sample app. 

Sample app doesn't include the permission "". 

From the documents I read to change logo, this permission is to be included.

I modified sample app, by adding this permission. Still when I try to change logo, I get permission error.



Jenna Slomowitz
Jun 28, 2018
8:55 pm


I've just tested the Dex sample app and everything seems to be working as intended.

Your issue may be related to activating an incorrect license key.

The app requires a Samsung Knox License (SKL) key. These licenses are of the format "KLM06-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX". You can generate this license from: under the "Knox SDK" section. Currently the "" permission can only be granted from a development SKL key.

Please let us know if you've activated a development SKL key (which start with KLM06) and are still seeing the issue.



Lanie Mendoza
Jul 24, 2019
6:53 pm

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