Rick Blankenbaker
May 03, 2018
9:18 pm

Issue with activating existing licenses

As part of the test process for production provisioning our devices, we use a dedicated quantity of devices (Note 4 and Tab S 8.4 currently) that are run thru the process repeatedly.  After each attempt, the devices undergo a factory data reset and are used again.  We generally have no issues with this procedure; although the full quantity of the particular Knox ELM/KLM licenses have been consumed, the devices pull the already-associated licenses and activate successfully.  

The problem we are seeing is that some devices will occasionally refuse to activate a license, and, once this state occurs, will no longer activate, even after an FDR.  A review of the pertinent device log shows a return error code value of 702, which, I believe, indicates that the license quantity is exhausted (which is correct).  This seems to point to a potential issue with our on-premise license server (assuming no change in the identifying info of the device).  What can I do to determine the cause of this?  Are there any relevant logs that I can have pulled from the server that would be useful? 

Note that I have not yet been able to diagnose all the potentially affected devices, so looking for a general method to apply to these and similar cases, in the event that this is not the only symptom.