Harry Taufik Alala
Aug 16, 2017
7:14 am

I got error 102 when actived ELM key

I created development key (Standard sdk), i cannot active elm key on my galaxy j2 prime, the other devices is fine. In androi log i got error 102 after TLC_TIMA_ATTESTATION.

Knox version : 2.7

Standard SDK 5.7.0

Model number: SM-G532G/DS

Android Version : 6.0.1


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Samuel Veloso
Aug 16, 2017
10:35 pm

Hi Harry,

There's been a new ELM license limitation where a package name can only activate a maximum of five unique ELM license keys. Activating more than that will result in a 102 or 201 error. If you're using a sample app, this is likely the cause of your problem. There have been plenty of developers that have activated an ELM license key on our sample app, which is why activating one on any sample app currently may result in a 102 or 201. 

As a solution, please change the sample app's package name.

To change your app package name, you need to do three things:

Uncheck "Compact Empty Middle Packages"

  1. On Android Studio, click on the gear symbol on your project structure window on the left
  2. Uncheck "Compact Empty Middle Packages"
  3. Change one of the folder names in com/sample/appname to, for example, com/sample2134/appname
  4. Your new package name is com.sample2134.appname

Change the app/build.gradle line

  1. Go to your app/build.gradle
  2. Look for the line under defaultConfig, applicationId and change the applicationId from the old package name to the new package name

Go to AndroidManifest.xml

  1. Ensure all the android:name values are still correct, if not correct them to the new path/package name

Hope it helps.

Best regards,


Neeloor Neeloor
Aug 18, 2017
2:30 pm

"ELM license limitation where a package name can only activate a maximum of five" is bit dangerous as anybody can try key activation using competitors package name. Dos attack is verymuch possible . Let me know if you need more explanation

Samuel Veloso
Aug 18, 2017
5:42 pm

Hi Neeloor, 

I understand the concern. However, this restriction is only when you're activating developer licenses. If you have released your app using production licenses, then the license restriction does not apply and competitors cannot use your package name to reach the limit. 

Please let me know if I can clarify further.

Best regards,


j allen
Aug 23, 2017
2:28 pm


im getting a 102 error when activating a production license.
Also it is not possible for me to change the package name as that would break stuff.

Please advise

Samuel Veloso
Aug 23, 2017
6:02 pm

Hi J Allen,

Can you confirm that you do have a production license? And not a developer license?

Which production license do you have? An ELM or KLM license?

The license restrictions are only implemented on developer licenses, could you please elaborate as to how you are activating your license and the steps you take?

Best regards,