Darrell Chow
Apr 18, 2017
9:59 pm

How to pull files created inside the Knox container?


I have created a file inside a Knox container and it is located in the directory "/storage/emulated/100/test.txt" external sdcard.  Is there a way to get the file "test.txt" from inside the container?  I used to be able to use "adb pull /sdcard/test.txt", but now I cannot.


Is there an equivalent way of getting the files created inside the container?


Thanks in advance for your help.


Victor Okunev
Apr 19, 2017
12:13 am

Greetings Darrel,

The files created inside the container can not be accessed from the outside. What you can do is open My Files app within the contaiber, select your file and choose the action menu option "Move to Pesonal mode". 



Darrell Chow
Apr 19, 2017
12:59 pm

Hi Victor,

Thanks for the quick response.  I tried to "Move to Personal mode" from the dropdown manu, and I got the following message...

"Security policy restricts this action" toast on the screen.

What I did was...

1. Opens "My Files".

2. Select "Device storage".

3. Click on "More" on upper right corner.

4. Select "Edit" from dropdown menu.

5. Select the check box next to "test.txt" file.

6. Select "More" on upper rignt corner.

7. Select "Move to Personal mode".

Then I got the "Security policy restricts this action".


Did I perform the steps above properly?