We developed Launcher application for kiosk app


How can I prevent to launch other Home Launcher using samsung knox?

I want to disable opening Chooser for set default home App in Android.

Konrad Sobczak
Jan 03, 2019
3:50 pm

Hello Chirag Savsani,


There are few ways you can achieve this result:


1. You can use public boolean setDefaultApplication (Intent intent, ComponentName componentName) from ApplicationPolicy class to set default Launcher. You will need to use ApplicationPolicy.LAUNCHER_TASK as Intent and path to your Launcher activity as componentName.


2. You can use public boolean setDisableApplication (String packageName) of ApplicationPolicy class to disable other launchers.


If you use ProKiosk feature you can also use public int setHomeActivity (String homePackage) of ProKioskManager class to set home Activity for your Kiosk.


Best regards, Konrad.