David Lawson
Oct 22, 2015
8:59 pm

How do I set up a container wide VPN in KNOX?

We've had success setting up a per-app VPN in a KNOX container by having the vpn_route_type set to 1 (per app) and then calling the APIs createVpnProfile() -> addPackagesToVpn() -> setAutoRetryOnConnectionError() -> activateVpnProfile(). What sequence of API calls is necessary to successfully launch a container wide VPN (vpn_route_type set to 0)? activateVpnProfile() does not seem applicable in this case and we cannot figure out how to make the VPN profile active.

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Kieran McCormick
Oct 29, 2015
8:15 pm

Hi Dave,

The method GenericVpnPolicy.addAllContainerPackagesToVpn() will add all the apps present in the container/apps which are going to be installed inside the container to the vpn connection.

So you only need to use this API to implement a container wide VPN.

ralph shaw
Sep 14, 2017
9:46 am


I see this was opened 2 years ago but I need clarification on something. 

I am able to deploy a profile with [vpn_route_type set to 0] onto my vpn client using GenericVpnPolicy createPolicy API.

I think its set to "keepon" by default but I have to connect it manually.

So are you telling me if I want to have a system vpn there is no way to control connecting/disconnecting it? i.e. there is no API i can use

Thanks, Donal