Javi García
Jun 09, 2019
8:21 pm

How to count the seats used in a KPE licence


We have been looking for an answer in the documention but we did not find it (sorry).

Is there a way to know how the used seats (that is, activations) are counted from Samsung server? I mean, is it done per device or per activation process?

This is really important because we are nowadays doing a lot of development testing and for sure we are doing a lot of activations each time we debug our software. In many cases, we don't have a deactivation process (for example, when the App crashes). So if the counting is done each time an activation is done in the same Samsung device, for sure we will spend quickly all the 30 unique activations that we have in our KPE Development licence.

So, how is the seats counting done? Is it linked to the device with its serial number or not?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Best regards.

Mikayla Neufeld
Selected Answer
Jun 10, 2019
4:42 pm

Hi Javi,

KPE seats are taken up per device, not per activation. The license will be automatically deactivated on a device if the app that activated the license is uninstalled, or if the device does not communicate with the Knox server for over 60 days. As well, if you have successfully activated a license on your device and the app crashes, you do not need to activate the license again. You only need to activate the license once to use it, not each time you start the app. 

Best regards,


Javi García
Jun 11, 2019
8:25 am

Thank you very much Mikayla.

This is indeed an important information that we did not know.

Best regards.