ralph shaw
Sep 14, 2017
9:49 am

How to connect System VPN


I see this was asked 2 years ago but I need clarification on something. 

I am able to deploy a profile for a system vpn with [vpn_route_type set to 0] onto my vpn client [Knox VPN Client] using the GenericVpnPolicy createVPNProfile API.

I think its set to "keepon" by default but I have to connect it manually.

So what I am seeing around is that if I want to have a system vpn there is no way to control connecting/disconnecting it? i.e. there is no API i can use  they only work with per app vpns

Thanks, Donal

Samuel Goldwax
Sep 14, 2017
5:06 pm

Hi Donal,

In order for the VPN to be system-wide and not just per app, you need to specify so in the profile JSON object before creating the profile (set vpn_route_type = 0).




Dennis Williams
Jul 19, 2018
12:38 pm

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Good Luck