SJ Kim
Jul 20, 2015
9:59 am

How can I check SDK version on the device?


I'd like to see whih version of KNOX SDK is supported on my device while testing apps on my device.

is there any way to look it up on the device?


Manoj Abraham
Dec 08, 2015
3:12 am


Link down..

Yannick BonneauJun 11, 2018 at 9:11 am
Tobias Schultes
Jun 09, 2017
1:51 pm

If anyone is searching for the methods to do this in Code:

EnterpriseDeviceManager.getEnterpriseSdkVer () for version of Standard SDK

EnterpriseKnoxManager.getVersion () for version of Premium SDK

CustomDeviceManager.getSdkVersion () for version of Customization SDK