Abdullah Bashir
Mar 02, 2016
12:02 pm

Hi i want to Monitor Network Usage stats but sample provided by samsung sdk is not showing me anything.


I have acquired a trial license and downloaded your sample for Monitoring Network Stats. Before installing i have added my license in constantas as mentioned. Know when i run the application i can enable device admin access and activate ELMS their is not error shown to me. Then when i click on "Get Application Network Stats" nothing is shown on screen. I have debugged the code and it's looks like that 

List<NetworkStats> is always of zero size. I have my application runing at that time those are consuming data but This sample is not working.  Can you guide me what issue is ?

My device is samsung galaxy s5. android version is 5.0

Kamil Kaszubski
Mar 02, 2016
1:26 pm


Please check if issue occurs with below test apk. If yes, please provide us build number of your device for further investigation.


Best regards

Abdullah Bashir
Mar 03, 2016
3:04 pm

Hi i Tried to install your application and inititally i was getting ELM agent has stopped error after multiple tries i have activated it. But Network stats is showing me list as empty.

Initial Error ScreenShot:


List Empty:


Dump Log is here

Also Installed This APK on Note 3 and apk crashed when clicked on Activate License.

Mar 07, 2016
11:36 am


Get App Network stats based on Uids below path:


Unfortunately, S5 Android changes its UIDs which use network, therefore getApplicationNetworkStats() API call return 0.

It will be fixed in Marshmallow maintenance release.


Syed Wasif Abbas Hamdani
Jan 26, 2017
3:53 am


Want to monitor network usage statistics on devices with Android OS >= KITKAT.

As per aforementioned statement "It will be fixed in Marshmallow maintenance release.", I want to know whether this issue fixed in Marshmallow and Nougat releases?

Thanks in advance for prompt response.


Victor Okunev
Jan 30, 2017
11:40 pm