Kenny Wan
Feb 21, 2018
3:42 am

have all the knox 1.x classes been removed in knoxsdk.jar or supportlib.jar?


At least from the "Migration Guid", for example, it says "ContainerApplicationPolicy" has been deprecated but when I add the "knoxsdk.jar" and "supportllib.jar", the ContainerApplicationPolicy will no longer be found. 

So I think it is not just deprecated, it is removed. 

So I would like to confirm that we no longer support knox1.x with these two libs?




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Samuel Goldwax
Feb 21, 2018
5:42 pm

Hi Kenny,

I'm not sure if all the removed methods and classes were for Knox 1.x, as far as I'm aware most of what was removed was redundency, and some methods that were removed from some classes were simply moved to others. If you're wondering what functionality is available with the Knox SDK on older Knox versions, I recommend heading over to the API reference and setting the API level filter (top right under the search bar) to that of your target device. You can view a mapping of API level to Knox version here.