Deeptiman Pattnaik
May 15, 2018
10:23 am

Getting Error Code : 206 for ELM licence key


    I have all the code setup for activation for KLM/ELM keys.

KLM is activating without any issues but in case of ELM , it's keeps giving error code : 206.

whereas the application package name and public hash is proper in the knox cloud.

I don't understand the real issue here.

My Code :


public void activateKLM(String klmsKey) {
    Log.d(TAG,"activateKLM : klmsKey > "+klmsKey);
    KnoxEnterpriseLicenseManager klmsMgr = null;

    if (klmsKey.equalsIgnoreCase("")) {
        SAUtils.showAlert(this, getResources().getString(R.string.insert_klm_key_heading), getResources().getString(R.string.insert_klm_key), SAConstants.OK);
    } else {
        try {
            if (klmsMgr == null) {
                klmsMgr = KnoxEnterpriseLicenseManager.getInstance(this);
        } catch (Exception e) {
            // This exception may occur if the admin is not activated successfully.
            Log.e(TAG, "activateKLM > Exception  : " + e);


public void activateELM(String elmKey) {
    Log.d(TAG,"activateELM : elmKey > "+elmKey);
    EnterpriseLicenseManager elmMgr = null;
    if (elmKey.equalsIgnoreCase("")) {
        SAUtils.showAlert(this, getResources().getString(R.string.insert_elm_key_heading), getResources().getString(R.string.insert_elm_key), SAConstants.OK);
    } else {
        try {
            if (elmMgr == null) {
                elmMgr = EnterpriseLicenseManager.getInstance(this);
        } catch (Exception e) {
            // This exception may occur if the admin is not activated successfully.
            Log.e(TAG, "activateELM > Exception " + e);


please suggest me some solutions.






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Jenna S.Samsung SEAP Moderator
Jun 01, 2018
6:57 pm


A 206 error means that there is a signature mismatch. For instance, If you signed it to a release build, and then you try to run the app from android studio as a debug build, you would recieve this error.  Check the signature of the APK that you bound the license to and see if that is the issue. 

Best regards,


sushant gaikwad
Jun 14, 2018
10:14 am


I am facing the same issue. I am using my release build and also verified the signature of build. Still the issue exist.


Sushant G.