Aviel Tordjman
Jan 08, 2019
2:25 pm

getConfigurationTypes() is returning null (error -1014)


I'm getting starter with knox sdk and I got an error when runing the sample app Knox Container.

Admin and licenses is activate successfully but create a container fail with KnoxContainerManager.ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR(-1014) and log:

21294-21294/com.samsung.knox.example.container E/KnoxContainerManager: KnoxMUMContainerPolicy Service is not yet ready!!!

createContainer fun:

private void createContainer(String type) {
    try {
        switch (type) {
            case KNOX_B2B:
                int requestID = KnoxContainerManager.createContainer("knox-b2b");
                mUtils.log("Creating container with request ID: " + requestID);
            case KNOX_B2B_COM:
            case KNOX_B2B_LWC:
    } catch (SecurityException e) {
        mUtils.processException(e, TAG);

So, I found that KnoxContainerManager.getConfigurationTypes() is returning null

What I do wrong?


**trying on knox v2.4

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Aviel Tordjman
Jan 09, 2019
4:28 pm

I just try the app on a galaxy 5 knox2.6 and its working fine.

Is there a problem with galaxy tab A6 SM-T285 knox2.4? why I cant create a container on it?