Peter Haiduchyk
Jul 24, 2018
9:44 am

getApplicationNetworkStats not consumed data from hotspot opened point . Help pls. URGENT!

Hello guys.

Im tried to calculate mobile data . And its work with this function :

List<NetworkStats> networkStats = enterpriseDeviceManager.getApplicationPolicy().getApplicationNetworkStats();
for (NetworkStats networkStat : networkStats) {
          dataRx += networkStat.mobileRxBytes;


But if i opening hotspot point - mobileRxBytes not updated . And look like i can calculate traffic which used by other guys who connected to my point.  Please any help ?

Im tried to see in TrafficStats.getMobileRxData() ; and here i see changes when some where users opening for example  ; youtube - data calculated. 


But i can't merge dataRX and getMobileRxBytes() becouse dataRX can return 1000000 and getMobileRXBytes can return 10000.  If merge them ( dataRX+ mobileRX ) its show correct result one time. After this dataRX refreshed to old data. 

Please any help to how i can consuming mobile data from hotspot ??

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