Iyyapparaj R
Dec 07, 2017
7:38 am

Force Safe Mode Disable


I don't want to open safe mode on my device.

my device details below.

DeviceName: Samsung Tab-E(SM-T561)

Android Version: 4.4.4

we are developing app for education purpose. Our  app act as deviceadministration.User can goes to safemode two ways in samsung tab:

way 1:
User enters normal mode our app act as device admin.once user restart the device.and hold volume down button.It enter's safemode. That time our app asks password in safemode.It is working fine
way 2:
   user enters normal mode and press volume up+volume down+power button+home button this will redirect into safemode.In this method our app doesn't ask password in safemode.And how to prevent this

Kamil K.Samsung SEAP Moderator
Dec 12, 2017
4:50 pm