Kim DongHyun
Dec 21, 2018
3:40 am

Failed to validated the product key

Testing KnoxSDKSample 3.2 on Eclipse 

1. Click 'Activate Admin'

2. Click 'Activate License'

3. 'Failed to validate the Product key'  toast shows

4. 'KnoxLicensseManager: NULL params' toast shows

It is working on Android Studio but when i install in Eclipse License Key does not work

Is there any way to use KnoxSDK on Eclipse?

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Jay Himanshu Jha
Dec 28, 2018
10:06 pm

Hi Kim,

Knox libraries (.jar files) should work as any other Android libraries in Eclipse. However, Android does not officially support Eclipse anymore and as such, there might be issues with building the project and running it from Eclipse.

We recommend using Android Studio for development.