Ahmet Özgür Gen
Aug 08, 2019
3:44 pm

Failed to validate the product key error


I have 12 samsung galaxy A10 (SM-A105F) smartphones. They are identical. Their knox versions, software informations and other specialities are the same. Our application can work on 9 of the all devices properly. But for 3 of them, some features do not work. (I can not turn on/off mobile tethering and wifi)

On working phones, I see "Knox licence validation completed succesfully" notification when I start the app

On non-working phones, there is "Failed to validate the product key" error. I restored fabric settings and tried again, the problem was not solved. Then we controlled logs. It seems the error coming from SDK messages.

What can be the reason of this problem? And how can we solve it?

Thank you.

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Mikayla Neufeld
Aug 12, 2019
4:52 pm

Hi Ahmet,

What kind of an error are you receiving? The error code should be something like 201, 501, etc. As well, what license are you using? Limited Development keys only have 10 seats available to them, which means you can only activate the license on 10 devices at a time. Once you have provided me with the above information, I can help you find the root cause of your issue.

Best regards,