Munkhbayar G
Jan 04, 2019
5:47 am

Failed to validate product key

I generated a new KPE key for android SDK because previous KPE key was expired.

But it say 'Failed to validate product key' when calling activateLicence method.

On licence keys page, New KPE key looks OK and shown as Active with green dot and expiration is 2019/04/04.


On android side, it does not work and unable to use knox sdk APIS.


Previous key starts with KLM06, but new one starts with KLM09. Is it the reason?


How can I resolve this?




Jan 04, 2019
6:54 pm

In other thread, people said you have to associate your package with the key or else it won't work. I asked Samsung if this is bug, but they haven't responded yet.

Andre Erwanto
Jan 09, 2019
5:37 pm

Try @Bob Howard say and below code to activate lic:

private void activateLicence() {
    KnoxEnterpriseLicenseManager KPEManager = KnoxEnterpriseLicenseManager.getInstance(this);
    try { KPEManager.activateLicense(Constants.LICENSE_KEY); } catch (Exception e) { }