Rustam Ulmataiev
Aug 17, 2017
10:56 am

EnterpriseLicenseManager class not found

Hi all,

I downloaded KNOX Customization, but have found that there are no packages and com.sec.enterprise.knox.license

So I cannot use classes EnterpriseLicenseManager and KnoxEnterpriseLicenseManager. What should I add or do to resolve this issue?

Samuel Veloso
Aug 17, 2017
5:15 pm

Hi Rustam,

I understand that you downloaded the Knox Customization SDK. There should be a license.jar file in the download that you can integrate with your project. 

May I ask, how did you add the SDK to your project? You should go into the libs folder of your download, select all the jar files, and add them to your project's app/libs folder. Then right click the jar files and hit "add as library."