Scott Fireoved
Dec 18, 2017
5:27 pm

Does Knox support the creation of vpn profiles using Cisco vpn clients

I am trying to create a VPN profile. Does Knox support the creation of vpn profiles to support Cisco vpn clients? If so what information should be populated inside the vendor section of the vpn profile?


The link below is the Samsung Knox Technical Note for VPN Profile Creation:


Additional Info:

Device: Samsung Galaxy S8

Knox 2.8

Standard SDK 5.8.0

Premium SDK 2.8.0

Samuel Goldwax
Dec 18, 2017
5:52 pm

Hi Scott,

Cisco VPN clients are supported by Knox. You can learn more about their implementation and supported methods and fields in the developer guide.



Are these documents still available? The links appear to be broken.

Jason Ver LindenAug 23, 2018 at 7:39 pm