Eduardo Quiroz
Apr 30, 2019
10:11 pm

Do users have to reactivate app after migrating from Legacy Samsung Premium SDK

I would like to know, since with the new consildated Knox SDK we have to get a new license key (KPE), what will happen when our users update to our new version that uses the KPE license. Will they need to "reactivate" Knox for our app under the new license key or since it was already activated with the legacy ELM/KLM key will this key automatically work?


What I'm trying to understand is if we need to re-enroll existing users or will the app be seemless?

Mikayla N.Samsung SEAP Moderator
Apr 30, 2019
10:36 pm

Hi Eduardo,

You will need to activate this new license key on all of your devices, but that process should not require any input from the end-user, as long as that device has previously had a license activated on it. If the device has never activated a license before, the end user will have to agree to the End User License Agreement, but if that agreement has already been confirmed on the device, the license activation process should not require anything from the user. Just call activateLicense() and pass your new license key and everything should work smoothly.

Best regards,