Natalya Tokarchuk
Mar 15, 2018
6:13 pm

Do I need two Knox licenses?

I have a question and I am having trouble finding on the samsung website is whether two apps on the same device can use the same ELM and KLM key or does every app need it's own key?   It mentions on the site that you should only need one ELM key for all of your apps but isn’t specific.  I am developing on S7, Android 6.0.1, Knox 2.6. 


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Samuel Goldwax
Mar 19, 2018
5:07 pm

Hi Natalya,

It depends on whether or not you bind your license key to a package. If the key is not bound, it can be activated on any application. If the key is bound, it can only activate the package it is bound to. Note that each app needs to be activated to use Knox functionality. For example if we have apps A and B and you activate Knox licenses on A, B will still not be able to use Knox functionality.