Gerpano Banano
May 07, 2019
9:52 am

Disable soft reset in samsung devices

Hello, I need to prevent the user from soft-resetting the device (with the hardware button combination) and I cannot find any reference to that, everything I find is preventing factory reset from both Android settings and recovery mode.
But most importantly...does anybody know a better source for learning Knox? I was following a tutorial, step 6/10 but in the next page (step 7) there is no "Go to next step" link and is such frustrating and annoying.

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Mikayla Neufeld
Selected Answer
May 07, 2019
10:47 pm

Hi Gerpano,

Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the use of the hardware keys to restart the device.

Thank you for bringing the issue with our tutorial to our attention. You will notice a link at the end of step 7 that says "Get Knox permissions." This link will take you to part 8 of the tutorial .We will work on correcting this issue so step 7 matches the rest of the tutorial to avoid this confusion in the future. 

Best regards,