Till Kaufmann
Jan 02, 2017
4:39 pm

Disable Factory Reset Protection FRP

Hi Samsung Support,

is there an API or possibility to disable the FRP feature for devices ?

A customer requested this. When an employee quits his jobs, he resets the device

and hands it back to the company. Since the employee used his private Google Account,

the company doesn't know the password of the last used Google Account.


Ardic Tech
Dec 13, 2017
10:57 am

Does allowFactoryReset(false) also disable Firmware Recovery via Samsung Kies?

Samuel Goldwax
Dec 13, 2017
5:44 pm

Hi Ardic,

As per the APi reference, this method only blocks disable factory reset via Settings app, recovery mode and adb command. In other cases that involve the factory reset, it does not affect.