ravi suhane
Oct 26, 2015
1:10 pm

Developing Third Party VPN client based on KNOX VPN network framework

I wanted to build VPN application using KNOX VPN network framework .

Have following question related to VPN profile and APIs

1. How to get the profile name to supply to prepare() method  in my VPN App code? Who is responsible to push the KNOX VPN profile to framework ? 
2. What are different ways to create and push the profile to framework ? 
3. in IKnoxVpnService  APIs like startConnection()  and stopConnectionAPI , who supplies the profile to be used ? is it mandatory to have MDM deployment to test this ?  

Kieran McCormick
Oct 27, 2015
2:46 pm

Hi Ravi,

I am checking a few things with R&D and will get back to you soon.