Sumana G.
Jul 10, 2019
7:49 pm

ContainerResetPassword(String key, int timeout) fails


We are trying to establish the container reset password functionality on a Knox 3.0+ device. The device has Android Enterprise work profile already created and when we push a Samung Knox key to upgrade the container on the device, then it would not invoke the createContainer(params) method, right?

It would just push the key and upgrade the existing work profile to Knox Workspace, correct?

But, the prerequiste for the resetContainerPassword(String key, int timeout) is that we set the password token while creating the container and use this token while resetting the container password. In the above described scenario, the createContainer method would not be invoked at all and hence, the setPasswordResetToken method wouldn't work too.,%20int)

Is there an alternative way where we could establish the container password reset on 3.0+ devices which has AE+KNOX? Please let us know.

Any help would be appreciated!