gael kaoma
Apr 17, 2018
3:00 pm



I develop an application of type MDM, I would like to clean the cache apps, to create my list of apps i used  API ->       ApplicationPolicy.addPackagesToClearCacheWhiteList(listAPP)

is there an API to empty the application cache tha is in this list??   

thank you for your reply

Samuel Goldwax
Apr 17, 2018
10:10 pm

Hi Gael,

Unfortunately there is no such API available in the Knox SDKs. This method only allows the user to clear the cache of an application through Settings or a third-party application.



gael kaoma
Apr 18, 2018
10:39 am

Hi Sam,

I found ApplicationPolicy.wipeApplicationData (String pkgName) but it erases everything and reinitializes the application unfortunately it's not really what I want. it means that it is not possible to clean the cache silently without the intervention of the user ??