Moshe Sperber
Dec 09, 2016
5:10 pm

Changes to Trusted Certificate Authorities in Android Nougat

How will Knox and other MDM's deal with the Changes to Trusted Certificate Authorities in Android Nougat?

The new security feature of Android 7.0, which by default makes applications to not to trust "user" installed CA certificates, if we force devices to vpn to the corporate network or force a http proxy redirect, most secured apps wont work, since Android 7.0 doesn't trust  "user" installed CA. will Google or Samsung Knox give an option for MDM providers to trust "user" installed CA certificates?.

Marvin Martin
Apr 12, 2017
3:47 pm

I would really like to know about this too. This is an urgent concern for IT admins. I have found that by going to the certificate store/user certificates it is possible to select the self-signed certificate and hit Trust, but this doesn't seem to make much difference. UPDATE: Here's why: it will only apply to the browser. The apps will disregard it.


Same here! Is there any possibility KNOX could give us the ability to add a user installed cert to the root store?

Daniel KreiderMay 11, 2017 at 8:13 pm
Cathy burns
Jul 04, 2018
11:07 am

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