Kenny Wan
Mar 16, 2018
2:37 am

Certificate install and get issue


We have quite a few knox device below knox2.9 which has called the deprecated SecurityPolicy::installCertificate(...) to install the certificates and we don't specify the what keystore the cert is installed. The certs are root and user certs and are for wifi and vpn:, byte[], java.lang.String, java.lang.String)

Now assume the device is upgraded to knox3.0, if we want to get the certs installed above using the SecurityPolicy::installCertificate(...), we found that seems the API can do it

CertificateProvisioning::getCertificatesFromKeystore (int keystore)


So my question is can we confirm to use CertificateProvisioning.KEYSTORE_FOR_WIFI for wifi and CertificateProvisioning.KEYSTORE_FOR_VPN_AND_APPS) for vpn to get the installed certs after the Knox upgrade?



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