Rick Blankenbaker
Oct 30, 2018
6:18 pm

CCM is NOT enabled for this user

While perusing some captured logcat snippets, I see repeated instances of the following:

01-20 21:55:00.909 I/TimaKeyStore( 5664): CCM is NOT enabled for this user

I see that these always carry the INFO priority, and I do not see any problem with the functionality of our apps, but wondering if this is a concern, i.e. indicative of a potential issue.  I see no other related messages or errors.

I have noted this occurring on Note 4 (Knox 2.4.x) and Note 8 (Knox 3.x) devices plus a few others.

Jenna Slomowitz
Nov 06, 2018
12:44 am

Hello Rick,

If you have not initalized CCM, this is normal behaviour. You only need to initialize CCM if you are using the keystore APIs, so there is no reason to be concerned.

Best regards,