Maksim Shcheglov
Mar 26, 2018
1:20 pm

Cannot generate a license key

I want to generate a development knox premium sdk key. Button "generate keys" is disabled and I see a message "you cannot generate new license keys until all unbound production licence keys are either associated to an apk or revoked". Could you help me please?

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Samuel Goldwax
Mar 26, 2018
5:13 pm

Hi Maksim,

Do you have unbound production keys on the account? If so, you'll have to make sure they are bound to a package before you are allowed to generate more licenses.



Maksim Shcheglov
Mar 27, 2018
7:37 am

I suppose that I don't have any unbound production keys on my account. But if you are right where I can see my unbound production keys? 

Apr 03, 2018
2:58 am

Having the same problem