Peter Keleher
Apr 03, 2018
6:07 pm

Cannot generate KNOX SDK License Key


I'm trying to integrate KNOX SDK 3.1, but I have problems to generate license key.

I'm following this tutorial:

1. I'm logged in with partner account and go to

2. I select Development key and enter alias

3. I click Generate License Key

4. A dialog appears with Accept Agreements. I accept, but the key is not generated and no error is displayed.

I get the same issue when I select Production key. The View license keys shows empty list.


Thank you for help.

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Samuel Goldwax
Apr 03, 2018
6:41 pm

Hi Peter,

Could you pass this information, along with some screenshots, over to That way our portal admins can take a look at the issue and get your license keys up and running.



Peter Keleher
Apr 04, 2018
8:19 am

Thank you. I contacted support and they fixed the issue. It's working now.