Klaus Keith
May 10, 2016
9:31 am

Bluetooth Bug / Performance

Hello Samsung

I've been talking with Samsung Business Support in Denmark and they have told me to ask my question here so here I go. Please advise me to another forum or category, if this is aksed in the wrong place:

So we have about 300 Samsung Xcover 3 (SM-G388F) and we are experiencing problems with Bluetooth Low Energy Performance.

The performance was fine on Android 4.4.4 but when updated to Android 5.1.1 the performance dropped to 25%.

Let me explain, what ble performance I'm talking about:

Simply scan for BLE devices nearby, and the performance is meassured by the number of scan results that the phone can perform pr. second.

A normal phone will do 30-40 results pr. second.

The Xcover 3 normally does 20-30 on kitkat 4.4.4

But on Android 5.1.1 it drops to around 0-10 results pr. second. We are expected a driver problem, since the problem only exists on 5.1.1

The new Value Edition (SM-G389F) does not have this problem at all.

So can you please confirm that this is a bug or problem in 5.1.1 like described, and also what we should do about it?

I've recorded this youtube film that shows different models and their performance:




Thank you


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Kamil Kaszubski
May 10, 2016
11:01 am


All issues not connected with Samsung KNOX please report global support.
Please contact your regional customer support centre listed here where they can further help you: http://www.samsung.com/global/support/globalcontact.html

Best regards,

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