George Mabley
May 07, 2018
7:42 pm

Apps Button deleteHomeShortcut issue


I am running into an issue with ApplicationPolicy's deleteHomeShortcut method not removing shortcuts while Android's Apps Button is enabled. The deleteHomeShortcut method returns true, and the launcher displays a toast saying the shortcut was deleted, but it is never actually removed. If the Apps Button is hidden, shortcuts are deleted normally. I would use SystemManager's setAppsButtonState to hide it while deleting my shortcuts, but there doesn't seem to be a way to manage the Apps Button inside the container, only the one outside of it. Any insight as to why this method is not actually deleting shortcuts would be appreciated.




Device: Galaxy Note8

Model Number: SM-N950U1

Android version: 7.1.1

Android security patch level: January 1, 2018

Knox 2.9

Standard SDK 5.9.0

Premium SDK 2.9.0

Customization SDK 2.9.0

Container 2.9.0

CEP 2.2.0

Enterprise Billing 1.3.0

OTP 2.6.0

SE for Android 2.4.3

Shared Device 2.9.0

TIMA 3.3.013

VPN 2.4.0

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Jenna Slomowitz
May 07, 2018
11:54 pm

Hello George,

This is a bug with the Galaxy Note 8. It will be fixed in the Oreo update.