Stefan Huber
Apr 04, 2018
12:48 pm

App crashes in Kiosk mode. UncaughtExceptionHandler not called.


I have an app running in Pro Kiosk Mode which crashes, without running the code I put to
my UncaughtExceptionHandler.
This way I have no clue what causes the crash, since I cant log any error info / stack trace.
Could it be closed (instead of crashing) by some Knox related process?

The tablet then shows some kind of launcher (not the default one), which destroys our use case for the Pro Kiosk Mode.
Because this is what we're trying to prevent with it.

This happens rarely and I could not find any way to reproduce this manually.

Is there any other way to see what causes the app to close / crash?
Any Idea how to debug this?
Is there a special error log for Knox SDK / Customization errors?

Device versions:

Tablet: Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T813)
Android: 7.0
Knox: 2.7.1 (Customization 2.7.1)

Kamil Kaszubski
Apr 19, 2018
3:23 pm

Hello  Stefan,

you can capture logs using below steps

1) Launch the Calculator app.
1.1) Enter (+30012012732+
1.2) In the Factory Mode number pad, enter *#9900#.
2) Set the "Debug Level" to Mid. The device will restart.
3) Wait untill crash occur
4) Directly after crash occur, repeat step 1
5) "Run dumpstate/logcat" .
6) Select "Copy to sdcard".
7) Navigate to the "log" directory that was created on the device using the "My Files" app or a Windows PC with USB cable connection.
8) Send us the dumpState in a Zip archive.
Kindly note that after you have finished, you can follow steps 1-3 again and Delete dumpstate/logcat and return the Debug Level to "low."