Sujeet Kumar
Dec 20, 2017
8:21 am

APK file not able install from local storage

We are facing below issue in installing the sample app with Samsung KNOX standard SDK feature:

  1. APK file able to install via USB debugging but the same APK not able install from local storage of phone.


This is very strange behavior of APK with Samsung  KNOX standard SDK feature.


We will urgently require help from Samsung team on this. Thank you



Note : We are using Enterprise license key for Development.

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Kamil Kaszubski
Dec 21, 2017
1:43 pm

Could you tell us more about the issue?

1. What device are you using?

2. What is the error seen when you are trying to install the app with Knox API?

3. Is it possible to install app manually directly from local storage?

유광 임
Feb 23, 2018
2:29 am