Helpdesk Tarc
Jan 18, 2019
5:46 pm

Adobe Flash needed on webapp


I have bookmark webapp that I am deploying to an android tablet. It evidently requires Adobe Flash and allI get from the launcher is that the content requires adobe flash.


How do I make this work (kiosk mode )?


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Mikayla N.Samsung SEAP Moderator
Jan 18, 2019
6:02 pm


Unfortunately, Adobe Flash is not supported on Android devices as Adobe is in the process of discontinuing support for Flash by the end of 2020 ( Currently, Flash is supported on the following OS: If you can contact the developer of this webapp and encourage then to adopt an alternative solution to Flash, that would probaby be your best course of action. There are unofficial ways to use Flash on Android devices, such as third-party apps, but Samsung does not provide support for those types of solutions.