Neeloor Neeloor
Feb 11, 2018
10:10 pm

addPackagesToNotificationBlackList not working

I have added addPackagesToNotificationBlackList() as below for gmail, still i am getting gmail notificaton on notificationbar

device t580 android 7

List packageList = new ArrayList();
boolean status = appPolicy.addPackagesToNotificationBlackList(packageList);

Please let me know if i am doing something wrong 

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Samuel Goldwax
Feb 13, 2018
8:13 pm

Hi Neeloor,

Could you let me know the Knox version of the device, since that device may not be running a Knox version supported by the new Knox SDK. I've just tested this method on a similar device and it worked fine. Is the method returning true or false? Are you being thrown any exceptions?



Neeloor Neeloor
Feb 14, 2018
8:28 am

Oh, it is still on 2.8, thanks for the reply


Hi Neeloor, what is the method returning? Is it throwing an exception? Thanks!

Samuel GoldwaxFeb 14, 2018 at 5:45 pm