Antoine Bourayne
May 06, 2019
2:24 pm

addHomeShortcut sending SecurityException in KioskMode


I am currently developping an app in which I want to use a KioskMode. My license works fine, but when it come to adding a shortcut with addHomeException(), I get a security exception : 

Admin  does not have android.permission.sec.MDM_APP_MGMT OR

It is confusing knowing that the license and the admin permissions are working.

If you have any solution concerning this issue, please help me out ! ;)


Knox 3.3

Android Version :27

Device : Galaxy Tab A

Model : SM-T580

Number : R52JA1BT98R


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Mikayla Neufeld
May 06, 2019
4:13 pm

Hi Antoine,

What kind of KPE key are you using? Is it a development limited key? The development limited key does not grant you the KNOX_APP_MGMT permission, which could be why you are seeing that exception. If you are using a full dev key or a commercial key, make sure you have the following line in your manifest file:

<uses-permission android:name="" />

Best regards,


Antoine Bourayne
May 07, 2019
8:23 am

Hello Mikayla,

Thank you for your quick answer, I was using a development limited key indeed.

Best regards

Antoine Bourayne
May 07, 2019
8:36 am

PS : With my key I can access to the Kiosk mode (without any shortcut) is that normal?