Joby Jose
Aug 24, 2017
6:52 am

Activation problem in android 7 (error 206)

I am not able to activate may app on android 7, I am using the key and its package name but getting 206

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Samuel Veloso
Aug 24, 2017
5:10 pm

Hi Joby,

When you generated an ELM license key, did you specify a package for it?

Which EnterpriseLicenseManager.activateLicense() method are you using? Are you using the one that has the license key and a package name as its parameters?



Anka Wirawan
Apr 06, 2018
12:27 pm

Hi Samsung,

I got same error on android Smasung SM-P585Y android 7.

The same App running normally on Samsung SM-T285.

I have used EnterpriseLicenseManager.activateLicense(key) and EnterpriseLicenseManager.activateLicense(key, packageName).

The issue appear on development/production key.