Scott Fireoved
Sep 24, 2018
8:32 pm

Account whitelist not working properly

I am having an issue when adding accounts to the account addition list. I specify the account type of "" with a corresponding email account. I call the following method addAccountsToAdditionWhitelist(type, acounts) and the api returns true indicating the account was added successfully. But when i leave the mdm and go to the samsung email app and try signing in with an account to added to the account addition whitelist, I get a toast with the following message "security policy prevents addition of this account". 


Knox Version: 3.0

Android Version: Android 8.0 (Oreo)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

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Jenna Slomowitz
Oct 04, 2018
12:09 am

Hello Scott,

I tried to reproduce your issue, but I was able to successfully whitelist the account. Could you try calling getAccountsFromAdditionWhiteLists to see if the the account was added?

Best regards,