Sandeep Gandhi
Jan 21, 2019
12:21 pm

access network error 502 -while updating knox sdk (License activation)

Hi Team,

          I am updating knox sdk in our application .
For that i have activated 1>KPE License Key.
                          2>Backwardcompatible Key
License key activation status:-

1.Android api level 21 and above - License activated sucessfully.
2.Android api level 17  and above and below android api level 21-
      KPE License acivation- activated sucessfully.
      BackwardCompatible Key -Getting general network error - 502 .

I have searched on portal related to this error 502  :-.
 In above link you have mentioned this error is related to network error which could be caused by restrictions from your admin blocking our servers or a spotty WiFi i have tried license activation using other mobile networks ,
But still getting the same error.

Could you please help me to solve this error ? so i could use knox functionality on api level 17 and above devices.





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Konrad Sobczak
Jan 23, 2019
12:02 pm

Hello Sandeep Gandhi,


Can you please activate Backwards Compatible Key first and then KPE License Key and check if it solved the issue? Additionally, can you please provide your device information (device, firmware).


Best regards, Konrad.