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Hello Guys,
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Android Legacy Generic VPN
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Can I Connect to VPN without third party apps?
I want to use VPN in all connection through my app.
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Vpn Questions
We have a set up where we need cisco anyconnect vpn connections set up on both the device and container side in order to connect to the network.
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How to create profile with GenericVpnPolicy no error Json
Dear friends, I have two questions:
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VPN Generic Profile (JSON format)
Hi there, I've been trying to upload a generic VPN config to Knox Manage but I always get the messa (Invalid JASON Format)
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Cisco vpn json parameters
Hi there, I am looking for the document that was located at
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Does Knox support the creation of vpn profiles using Cisco vpn clients
I am trying to create a VPN profile. Does Knox support the creation of vpn profiles to support Cisco vpn clients?
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How to connect System VPN
Hi, I see this was asked 2 years ago but I need clarification on something. 
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Changes to Trusted Certificate Authorities in Android Nougat
How will Knox and other MDM's deal with the Changes to Trusted Certificate Authorities in Android Nougat?
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Error deactivating then removing vpn profile
Hello, I am running into an issue trying to remove a vpn profile.
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Light Weight Container VPN questions
I am creating a solftware solution that will use a Light Weight Container. I would like to add VPN to the container. Is that possible? Does the "knox-b2b-lwc" container support VPN?
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activateVpnProfile returning 109 error
Hello I am trying to configure a VPN profile to connect to a CISCO VPN using AnyConnect as my vendor package name.  Problem I am having is when I am trying to activate the vpn profile. I get a 109
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Knox VPN Client
Hi, I am using the Knox VPN Client ( and knox premium sdk to implement a Full VPN. I want all the traffic on the device to go through this VPN. I call,
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How do I set up a container wide VPN in KNOX?
We've had success setting up a per-app VPN in a KNOX container by having the vpn_route_type set to 1 (per app) and then calling the APIs createVpnProfile() -> addPackagesToVpn() -> setAutoRet
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Do I need users to install a VPN client
Hi, Im building an android app to deliver an "IPSec IKEv2 RSA" VPN profile to route DNS traffic on devices that support KNOX.
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Unsuccessful API call when using strongswan
Hello,   I am trying to setup per-app VPN using samsung knox with the strongswan client, but i am having some issues. I use this code to setup everything:
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getGenericVpnProfile returns null for various VPN clients
I was trying to connect to a VPN server using various VPN clients in KNOX, but i keep getting a null reference to the GenericVpnPolicy object. The code is running outside of a container.
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Global PAC File
I was wondering if the VPN SDK could be used to apply a Proxy Auto-Config file to all of a devices connections.  Both Cellular and Wifi.   Thanks, Simon
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Galaxy S7 and Split Tunneling (Cisco AnyConnect VPN)
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