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Knox and NFC Device Owner Provisioning
Firstly, apologies if this is an inappropriate place for this question but I am struggling to find any relevant resources anywhere else.
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Restricting USB to specific vendor & product
Hi, I saw there is a public method called ‘setUsbExceptionList’ in the ‘RestrictionPolicy’ class. I am unable to get my device to allow only LAN Ethernet usb connection..
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How to Block/Disable S-Finder and Configurations
Hello! I work in a MDM company and we have a security issue with devices A20 with Android 9.0 API.
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SecurityException: Admin does not have MDM_HW_CONTROL or KNOX_HW_CONTROL
I'm trying to run the Knox SDK Sample App #1: (
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SecurityPolicy.setExternalStorageEncryption() doesn't open the propt to encrypt/decrypt the SD card nor dismount it
Hello, I need to encrypt/decrypt the SD card and I found
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I want to add apps programmatically to UNMONITORED APPS.
"kakao talks" "LINE" "Messenger" "WeChat" application will be added as UNMONITORED APPS at the same time as installation.
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No active admin owned by uid 10405
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Knox API disable/enable specific package activity
How can I disable a specific package actvity and not the entire package? 
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Do Android Enterprise/for Work profiles (non-KPE-licensed) get SDP protection on Samsung devices still
Back in the days of Knox 2.6, Samsung advertised that Android for Work profiles got extra protection on Knox devices. SDP, TIMA, and the other knox goodies.
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Android 9 Knox API run shell command
Is there a way to run a shell command and get an output?
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Android 9 resetPasswordWithToken not working
On a Samsung with Android 9, I'm testing the method resetPasswordWithToken for a specific functionality but with no success so far.  Here's the code I'm using:
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How to configure DualDAR
I have created a workspace(container) protected with Dual DAR reading this article.
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RerstrictionPolicy.allowFactoryReset doesn't affect "Reset settings" option
I use featureManager.allowFactoryReset in my app. The problem is users still can use "Reset settings" options from Settings>General Management>Reset.
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Knox Development vs Commercial Licenses - Any security difference?
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Knox 3.0 Container - Is SDP automatically enabled, and is there a password reset ?
Knox 2.0 used to have an API that let you create a container, and assign a params structure to it with a password reset token.
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Any way to disable "Workspace Settings" inside Knox?
When knox-b2b container is created, user is able to access Workspace settings. Any way to disable it? Or at least make all settings read only?
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Should RestrictionPolicy. allowFactoryReset(false) disable reset using another device admin applications?
Hi, We have set 
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Write Permission on SD-Card in Android 5 or more
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Confirm PIN without tapping OK via API?
Hi, Any way we can change "Confirm PIN without tapping OK" checkbox option through Knox SDK API? Thanks, Luka
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How to update self application
Hello guys. one year ago this method was work. Now its somehow but not work  
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